Clubhouse Movement

The Clubhouse Movement started in 1948 by a group of people living with mental illness in New York City who engaged in a dynamic recovery model.

Social Worker John Beard saw potential in a group of people living with mental illness and engaged them to help with the renovation of a building as a part of their recovery process. As the program developed, the work and needs continued to evolve. All the tasks became opportunities that provided the group with a sense of purpose and meaning in their everyday lives. This group became the first members of an entity which later became known as a Clubhouse.

This new recovery model for mental illness enabled members to take charge of their own lives, helped themselves by helping the Clubhouse, and joined side-by-side to run the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse model has since become an internationally accredited psychosocial rehabilitation method. In this dynamic working relationship, members felt they were truly wanted, needed, and expected by their community.

To learn more, please visit: Clubhouse International

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