Garden Café Members and Staff
   • Prepares and serves healthy and affordable meals for a daily lunch and snacks throughout the day.
   • Responsible for all aspects of the running of a café including, meal planning, grocery shopping, service and cleanup.
   • Work in the Digital Media Studio, including producing videos, recoding podcasts and creating promotional materials.
   • Maintain the building and grounds, such as gardening, lawn care and snow removal.

Clerical Members and Staff
   • Responsible for all aspects of clerical and administrative work.
      - including handling all incoming calls, bank deposits and financial reports, typing, faxing, filing, shredding and mail processing.
   • Collect, analyze and report statistics for our funders.
   • Prepare and publish a Newsletter.
   • Manage and update all Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
   • Train tour guides and organize tours for perspective members and community partners.

At Oak Centre we provide people living with mental illness a smooth transition into the workplace. Collaborating with partners in the business community, Oak Centre is able to give people the chance to work in the competitive job market, receive the support they need to stay on the job, get paid a competitive wage and most importantly build their self-confidence.

Oak Centre offers a variety of supported education initiatives both within the Clubhouse and throughout the community to help you return to school or finish a degree.

Young Adults
For individuals between the ages of 18-30 Oak Centre offers an opportunity to connect with someone of the same age. Young adults have found a safe and welcoming space to engage with peers in an exciting intergenerational program at Oak Centre.

Health and Wellness
Oak Centre offers many health and wellness initiatives that help members feel physically and mentally healthy, offering choices for a balanced diet and maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Open to all Oak Centre members, our Supported Housing program provides access to safe, affordable accommodation in close proximity to the Clubhouse.

Social Recreation
Oak Centre offers a strong and spirited social recreation program, providing a welcoming and friendly place for all members to socialize throughout the year.

Funded by Ontario Health.

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